Testing new ways to add content

Search engines judge a business’ popularity and validity based on the number of times other respectable sites link to their website. The reward for these links is a higher position in search results. The best way to get linked is by providing useful and interesting content that will be referenced in the blogs and business sites of others. It is for this reason that many companies have started their own industry-relevant blogs. As they reference each other and the industry, the total off-page links grows between them. When communities come together to link actively and responsively, everyone gets a search engine boost. After quality content, the most important thing to remember about linking is that you are essentially giving a recommendation, so link only to information sources and businesses you think are reliable and want to support.

With good SEO practices, you are doing your part for your local and online community by accurately and efficiently representing your business. This way, when customers search for “great donuts in Tucson” or “cheap Fargo Locksmith” you will be there for them, on the front page, easy to find and ready to provide. If your website is already helpful and well-designed, there’s a good chance you are already pretty well search engine optimized, but it never hurts to make a few intuitive improvements using what you’ve learned. For more interesting advice on marketing your business, check out these blogs

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